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Legacy Circle

Our Legacy Circle donors choose to share their passion for the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra with future generations through a charitable gift in their will.


We are grateful to these esteemed supporters whose future gifts would have a lasting impact on the musical landscape of Jerusalem, as well as on our international initiatives.

Create your legacy for the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra in three steps:

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1. Make sure the decision to give is right for you and discuss your wishes with your family. Ask your financial advisor whether to give a specific amount, a percentage, or the residue of your estate.

2. Instruct your lawyer to add a clause in your will or add a codicil to your existing will that establishes your bequest gift to the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra.

3. Tell us about your bequest. We would welcome the opportunity to thank you, as well as to make sure we understand how exactly you want your gift to be recognized and distributed.

Please contact us for more information about:

  • leaving a gift in your will to the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra;

  • honoring a friend or a family member by making a memorial gift to the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra in your will;

  • or to let us know you have already left a gift in your will.

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