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Are you a student or a young professional? Do you share our love for Jerusalem? Do you believe in building a better world through the power of music?

Join the Jerusalem Music Ambassadors* program, and get access to the exciting opportunities for international networking, volunteering, travel, leadership skills development, and music education.


With its complex and unique dynamic, Jerusalem is a diverse kaleidoscope of cultures, nationalities, religions, and opinions. Home to the world’s holiest sites, thousands of years of history and tradition, most advanced innovative projects, rich cultural life, and the best educational institutions, Jerusalem is a true microcosm of not only the Israeli society – but of the entire world.

The Sound of Jerusalem needs your voice!

The Jerusalem Symphony is more than just an orchestra – we are an all-embracing musical bridge for the diverse population of our city, as well as one of the most important links between Jerusalem and the international multi-cultural community. Our global vision is fulfilled through the universal language of music – the one that unites the people of all ages, cultures, societies, and religions. The creation of the Jerusalem Music Ambassadors program stems from our long-term commitment to investing in future generations, as well as from the Jerusalem Symphony’s need for energetic, creative, and inspiring team members.

The Jerusalem Music Ambassadors is a global, non-partisan, multi-cultural, and inter-faith community of students and young professionals. Follow your passion, apply your skills, develop your potential, enrich the lives in Jerusalem, and make a difference in your local community – Join Us!


To register for the Jerusalem Music Ambassadors Program please fill out the form below.

Membership Benefits:

Ambassador – Free membership

  • Exclusive access to the Jerusalem Symphony’s network

  • Invitations to local and international events

  • Special rates on tickets and trips

  • Access to the unique volunteering opportunities in Israel, your home community, and around the world

Senior Ambassador – 100 NIS / 30 USD annual membership fee
All “Ambassador” benefits, plus:

  • Opportunity to take on leadership roles, including joining your local chapter’s board

  • Free tickets to selected events

  • Opportunity to be nominated for a fully-funded trip to Jerusalem

  • Name recognition on the Jerusalem Symphony’s website

  • Access to leadership training events

  • Participation in Jerusalem Music Ambassadors Roundtable meetings

  • Participation in Donor/Sponsor meetings and conference calls

  • Opportunities to host the Jerusalem Symphony musicians in your local community

  • Opportunity to be nominated for a paid internship with the Jerusalem Symphony

  • Opportunity to be considered for future employment opportunities with the Jerusalem Symphony and its affiliates worldwide


Interested in starting your local chapter of the Jerusalem Music Ambassadors network?

Send a Letter of Interest and Resume to


* The Music Ambassadors Program is made possible thanks to the Jonas Foundation (Switzerland)

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