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Established in the spiritual center of the World, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra was destined to become one of the most unusual and captivating ensembles. Founded in 1938 with a mere 50 Palestinian Pounds that were leftover from another project, the JSO attracted a group of dedicated musicians from eclectic backgrounds, who could co-exist only by playing music together.  The JSO has been developing against all odds and yet resulted in exerting great influence on the cultural sphere of the State of Israel. It launched the careers of some of the world’s best musicians and introduced many Israeli composers.

We see ourselves as a true mirror of our society, and we speak to the world through the universal language of music, crossing borders and uniting cultures. Music allows people from different backgrounds and perceptions to come together in dialogue, one of the fundamentals of coexistence. Music is a powerful tool for reconciliation.

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Reconciliation is the key word that describes our JSO100 vision. As a Jerusalem-based institution, we recognize that we must make an increased effort to face today’s challenges and make a positive impact on our society. We believe that it is our responsibility to serve the entire population of our city, secular and religious, Jews and Arabs. We must contribute to the healing of our sacred city and facilitate dialogue between our diverse communities.

JSO100 Vision will transform the identity of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra: from Israel’s Radio Orchestra into the a multicultural musical institution, a cultural champion of peace and reconciliation:

  • Our annual concert season will be transformed from being  Jerusalem-based to a global ambassador for the holy city. This will be both programmatic and geographic.  Each season will open in Jerusalem, and then travel around the world.

  • Our educational initiatives will build bridges not only between East and West Jerusalem but also expand to various locations globally.

  • In partnership with Al-Quds University (Jerusalem), Longy School of Music (Cambridge, MA), and Bard College (New York), we will establish a “high school early college” hybrid institution in East Jerusalem, with music being at the center of the curriculum. Once established and developed, the program will open satellite operations and residencies in Israel and worldwide.

  • Our “Jerusalem in Music” project will not only present the audiences worldwide with unique and rare masterpieces related to Jerusalem and its history, it will weave religious traditions together through music. “Jerusalem in Music”, a series of concerts at the world’s most iconic locations, will be broadcast, recorded, and toured.

  • The Center for Music and Reconciliation will be built, to serve not only as a home of the JSO, but also as a destination for various arts institutions from around the world.

  • “World in one Peace” – in 2023, will start a multi-cultural project involving hundreds of artists from all over the world, who will collaborate on the creations of art works dedicated to Peace and Reconciliation.

JSO100 Partners:

United States of America: Bard College, Longy School of Music, Hadassah.

Brazil: Congregação Israelita Paulista (Israeli Congregation of Sao Paulo)

United Kingdom: Trinity Boys Choir.

Germany: Bayrische Rundfunk (Bavarian Radio), Sony Center.

Vatican: Basilica Papale di San Paolo fuori le Mura (The Papal Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls)

United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi Festival, InClassica Dubai International Music Festival.

East Jerusalem: Al-Quds University, Ibdaa School for the Arts.

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