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Choose Your Cause

If you have questions about supporting the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, or wish to discuss your potential contribution,

please contact us at

Donor Circles

From Annual Fund to Maestro’s Circle – your gift would impact all of our work onstage, in schools and communities around the world, as well as through broadcasts and digital media. Learn more about the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra’s Donor Circles, review the Benefits, and join our global Family of generous supporters today!

Business Club

A decision to join our Business Club is more than just an act of philanthropy – it is a smart business move. Our members make connections; reward and entertain clients, partners, and employees; as well as take advantage of the customized benefits packages that perfectly match their business needs.

Maestro’s Circle

Maestro’s Circle members enjoy enhanced benefits in appreciation for their generous contributions of $10,000 or more. Each Maestro’s Circle level includes all benefits from the preceding levels, plus an exclusive unique package designed to match each member’s needs and interests.

Legacy Circle

Legacy gifts are an important source of philanthropic support for the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. Learn more about ways to share your passion for music and Jerusalem by leaving a gift in your will.

Musical Chairs

Participating in the Jerusalem Symphony’s Musical Chairs program brings new perspective to the music you love. Whether you have an affinity for a particular instrument or a player, you would enjoy a sense of inclusion as you watch and listen to the orchestra and your sponsored musician. Individuals and businesses who contribute $2,500 or more to the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra are invited to sponsor a musician (subject to availability) at the following levels:

Section Musician – $2,500 annually
Section Principal – $5,000 annually
Assistant Concertmaster - $7,500 annually
Concertmaster – $10,000 annually

In addition to the recognition as the Musician Sponsor, you would receive the benefits associated with your giving level.
If you have questions, or if you are interested in sponsoring a musician’s chair in perpetuity, please contact us at

New Music Commissioning Circle

We invite you to join the New Music Commissioning Circle to support the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra’s commitment to foster the creation and performance of the new works, especially those created by the Israeli composers. By commissioning new works, individuals or organizations become active participants in the creation of a musical legacy for the future. If you are motivated to enrich the world with a new piece of music – please get in touch with us at

Education & Outreach Programs

The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra serves the world’s most diverse communities. Our goal is to reach out to all generations within a broad spectrum of various interest groups through engaging and impactful programs. Please consider supporting our Education & Outreach initiatives in all parts of Jerusalem, across Israel, and around the world.

International Touring

Maestro Steven Sloane and the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra are highly regarded in Jerusalem, across Israel, and around the world. The Jerusalem Symphony’s regular touring activities include concerts at the most prestigious venues, educational performances and workshops, innovative collaborations, and high-profile events – this presents our valued supporters with exciting and unique opportunities, whether they choose to sponsor the entire tour or one of its components. If you would like to inquire about upcoming tours, or learn more about exciting travel opportunities, please contact us at

The Jerusalem Symphony Anniversary Fund

We are investing in building capacity and raising the funds required to launch dozens of new initiatives by the end of our 85th season in 2023, which would coincide with the 75th Anniversary of Israel’s Independence, and would be celebrated with galas, festivals, exhibitions, and an international tour. Following the success of the 85th Anniversary, we plan to transform the Jerusalem Symphony into the most vibrant and exciting cultural institution in Israel on time for our centennial celebrations in 2037/38.

Every contribution into the Anniversary Fund would receive additional recognition, and every supporter of the Fund would be invited to celebrate our Anniversary in Jerusalem, and around the world. Please consider making a donation to the Jerusalem Symphony’s Anniversary Fund, and feel free to contact us to learn more about sponsorship opportunities and benefits.

The JSO Studio

Stemming from the Jerusalem Symphony’s rich history of being the orchestra of the Israeli Broadcasting Association, the “JSO Studio” would become a virtual space for concerts, workshops, presentations, educational performances, lectures, and interviews. In partnership with international radio and TV channels, online music streaming platforms, orchestras, universities, as well as youth organizations, this project would deliver our interactive outreach programs directly from the Jerusalem Theatre. The virtual programs would be followed with regular visits by the Jerusalem Symphony’s musicians and tours of the full orchestra. As part of this project, we would also organize trips to Jerusalem for the Jerusalem Music Ambassadors and supporters.

Concert Series & Festivals

From Classical concerts to Series X, and from “All Beethoven Experience” to an annual inter-faith “Hallelu-ya” Festival – the Jerusalem Symphony brings you world-class musical experiences and outstanding soloists. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, we would love to hear from you. We have various benefits packages to suit your budget, whether you would like to support the entire series, a festival, or a single concert. Please feel free to contact us to discuss.

“The Sound of Jerusalem” Exhibition

We are currently working on creating an innovative exhibition about the orchestra, our city, and our people. Featured through the interactive lens of music and lighting design, the story of the Jewish musicians starts in the 1920s Germany, and follows them to Jerusalem, where they founded an orchestra and became key players on and off the stage by performing music, fighting for Israel’s independence, shaping the cultural and political landscape of the new state, and influencing every aspect of life in the region. To sponsor this exciting project, please consider making an online contribution, or get in touch with us at

The Documentary Film

To tell and celebrate the story of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra and its people, we have partnered with an Israeli filmmaker Duki Dror, and are currently working on a concept for a new documentary about the Jerusalem Symphony. Mr. Dror is an award-winning producer of such documentaries as “Inside the Mossad” (Netflix), “Shadow in Baghdad”, “Mendelsohn’s Incessant Visions”, among others.
Please join us in creation of this documentary by making a donation online.

International MA in Conducting

One of Maestro Sloane’s signature projects is the creation of two Master’s programs in Partnership with the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Universität der Künste Berlin: International MA in Orchestral Conducting and International MA in Orchestral Playing. With your help, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra would launch both programs during the 2021/22 concert season.

International MA in Orchestral Playing

One of Maestro Sloane’s signature projects is the creation of two Master’s programs in Partnership with the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Universität der Künste Berlin: International MA in Orchestral Conducting and International MA in Orchestral Playing. With your help, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra would launch both programs during the 2021/22 concert season.

Arts Management Fellowship

At the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, we recognize the need for not only educating orchestral players and conductors, but also for investing our resources in raising the future generations of arts managers. Based on experiential learning, our Arts Management Fellowship program would select young aspiring arts managers from all over the world, who would then work side by side with Maestro Sloane and the Jerusalem Symphony’s senior staff on major projects. The vital importance of arts management training cannot be understated, and your contribution would have a long-lasting effect not only on the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra – but also on the future of the entire orchestral industry.

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