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Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra Records Moroccan National Anthem

JERUSALEM, Israel, 17 December 2020. Immediately following the announcement of the Israel-Morocco normalization agreement, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra has recorded the National Anthem of Morocco. Arranged for the symphony orchestra and choir by an Israeli composer/conductor Nizar El-Khater, this moving rendition of the Anthem was performed at the Jerusalem Theater. For this special occasion, the Jerusalem Symphony and the Israeli Kehilot Sharot choir were joined via teleconference by the Moroccan singers – this created a unique atmosphere that touched the souls of everyone involved. The event was produced in partnership with “3 VOIX De L’espoir” (Three Voices of Hope), a Moroccan musical collective.

The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra strives to become an all-embracing musical bridge for the diverse population of its city, and to serve as Israel’s cultural ambassador to the world. Since its inception in 1936, the orchestra has played an important role in the cultural diplomacy of Israel by touring the world and taking part in the events of the highest caliber. In 2020, despite the coronavirus pandemic, the orchestra did not slow down – on the contrary, it has expanded its operations and, most recently, recorded the National Anthem of the United Arab Emirates to celebrate the Abraham Accords Peace Agreement.


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